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Portaits Options:

Over the years I have worked in many mediums and styles. There are three primary mediums I use;

Pencil/Charcoal for Drawing
Acrylic/Oils for Paintings
Computer generated Photo Manipulation on paper or canvas

Stylisticly I work either traditionally or in a more contemporary style.

"Traditional" style is realistic. "Contemporary" is more interpretive or experimental (see the following on one form of this approach)


Contemporary Computer Portraits:

Portraits created from photos made to order.

Have your portrait done on canvas or paper. Portraits can be made to almost any size specifications, and colours and tonal range customized to suit your decor or mood. It begins with a photo, either I can take a series of photos or you can send me your photo selections. I then use a range of techniques to create your portrait. Using the power of computer technology I can create artwork at enlarged scale at relatively modest cost that can be printed on either canvas or paper. Canvases can be stretched professionally and ready to hang or, if shipping is an issue the canvas can be prepared for stretching and then shipped to your location where you can arrange for it to be put on stretchers by your local frameshop. As each piece is unique and customized to each client’s specifications it follows that pricing is customized as well. It may be helpful to know that pricing starts at $200 and increases depending on complexity, scale and materials. Contact me to discuss your thoughts on your own or your family's portrait; suitable as well for business or office settings.